മാത്യു തൊട്ടിയിൽ കെ സി സി എൻ എ ഹ്യുസ്റ്റൺ പ്രഥമ റീജിയണൽ വൈസ് പ്രെസിഡൻറ്

Saju Kannampally  ,  2019-07-08 10:08:51pmm

മാത്യു തൊട്ടിയിൽ കെ സി സി എൻ എ ഹ്യുസ്റ്റൺ പ്രഥമ റീജിയണൽ വൈസ് പ്രെസിഡൻറ്. 


 As per the decision at the recent National Council of KCCNA, held at Las Vagus, we the undermentioned Election Commissioners were notified to appoint the RVP(Regional Vice President) candidate for the newly formed additional Region in Houston. Subsequently, all the necessary procedures for the appointment of an executive committee member had been performed as it is specified in our Constitution. The Election Commissioners of 2019 - 2021 are very pleased to announce the newly elected candidate for HKCS, Mr. MATHEW THOTTIYIL. The selection was unanimous without any other contestants. We take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Mathew Thottiyil along with the Houston unit administration under the leadership of President, Mr. Stephen Cherukara. The Election Commissioners consider this as the growth of KCCNA and wish that Mr. Thottiyil"s contributions may be remarkable for KCCNA during his term of service. For KCCNA under the leadership of Mr. Alex Madathilthazhe and Mr. Luke and all the executive members, this appointment will be a welcome addition. MR. Thottiyil will undergo an OATH Ceremony at the Next immediate National Council meeting of KCCNA. 
Tomy Myalkarapurathu (Chief Election Commissioner)
Sonny Poozhikala (Election Commissioner)
Baby Manakkunnel (Election Commissioner)
CC: 1) Alex Madathilthazhe (President, KCCNA)
    2) Luke Thuruthuvelil ( Secretary, KCCNA)
    3) Stephen Cherukara ( President, HKCS)